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MVHS senior offered over $500,000 in scholarships from 15 schools

MVHS senior offered over $500,000 in scholarships from 15 schools

Mia Vaquero, senior at Mount Vernon High School, is graduating with a 90.71 in June 2023. She has committed to John Jay College of Criminal Justice with a full-ride scholarship. She plans to major in criminal justice with the hope of becoming an FBI agent. 

She will be the first person in her family to pursue higher education. Mia’s family is from Mexico, and they had to work constantly to make ends meet. She saw how hard her parents worked for her, and it inspired her to find something that she will enjoy while providing for her family. 

Her favorite accomplishment from her time in high school was achieving the Principal’s Honor Roll. After being diagnosed with a learning disability, Mia had to work harder than her peers to achieve the same success. In her freshman year, she struggled and did not get good grades. Despite this, she spent hours studying to ensure that she graduated at the top of her class.

To stay ahead, Mia has attended after school classes and worked closely with her teachers to ensure high grades. Mia attributes some of her success to her teachers helping through the complex college application process. She was worried about getting financial aid but had the support needed to apply and receive it.

“Since we have Dr. (Pauline) Pearce as our principal now, it’s definitely helped,” said Mia. “She has built workshops to help us fill out FAFSA, how to choose colleges and how to get more money for college. And I have many teachers who helped me with my scholarships, essays and honors programs.”

Mia also donates her time by helping at food pantries and handing out food for the church to support the community.

Mia was accepted into 15 schools, received five full-rides and was offered a cumulative $500,000 in scholarships. 

When she was little, she never imagined being able to tell people she got into 15 schools, and now she has the opportunity to go to college for free. 

Group of culinary students holding up cake pops.

Students in the Culinary Arts 1 course at Mount Vernon High School worked with dough, sprinkles and chocolate to make cake pops on Tuesday, May 14, 2024. Petroula Lambrou Kalognomas, the owner of the Pelham bakery Patty Pops, walked students through the process of making their own cake pops for a Career and Technical Education (CTE) Week demonstration

College and Career Center

On Thursday, April 25, 2024, Mount Vernon High School students attended a financial literacy workshop led by experts from Neuberger Berman, an investment company based in New York City. The workshop covered essential topics including credit cards, debt management, investment strategies and personal finance. The session was enriched with practical insight and interactive discussion, providing attendees with valuable knowledge on financial decision-making.

MVHS Life Skills students

The Mount Vernon High School Life Skills Cohort students held their first game day on Thursday, April 18, 2024. The Life Skills Cohort is made up of students with disabilities, and they were encouraged to take turns, socialize and strengthen their social emotional skills. 

3 students in their prom apparel.

Sparkly dresses, suits and jewelry adorned the stage of the Mount Vernon High School auditorium for the Knights Boutique’s “Say Yes to the Dress or Tux” event on Friday, April 19, 2024. Students from MVHS chose prom attire during the school day, and students from each of the other high schools in the District picked out clothes in the evening.