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MVHS holds assembly for freshmen on proper student conduct

MVHS holds assembly for freshmen on proper student conduct

Mount Vernon High School freshmen entered an auditorium full of seniors ready to teach them the proper ways to conduct themselves around school. First, the senior class was greeted by Tiffany Izzo, assistant principal, to start the assembly on Monday, September 18, 2023. 

Ms. Izzo in crowd of students.

“This year is the year of impact,” said Ms. Izzo. “We’re looking at this as a school, but for you as seniors, we’re looking at your impact in this building and outside this building when you graduate.” 

Dr. Pauline Pearce, principal, welcomed the class of 2027 and explained her expectations for them. 

“Our seniors are here with our freshmen this morning, so our freshmen understand that there is a journey in high school,” said Dr. Pearce. “Right now, our seniors are at the end of their journey in high school, so we have them as examples for our freshmen.” 

Dr. Pearce with Ms. Izzo and Ms. Naughton on stage

Ms. Izzo introduced members of the senior class student government, who discussed the ways that freshmen can carry themselves to meet the standards of the school. 

“I know as your first year of high school, it’s going to be a little bit difficult to navigate,” said British Sinclair, senior class president. “You’re transitioning from middle school and coming to high school where you’re not the older ones — you're the babies now. To just introduce you to the school, we wanted to refresh your memory about the dress code and how you should represent yourself when you step into the building.” 

Class president speaking to crowd

The assembly had a few lighthearted moments that students laughed along with. Seniors made two humorous TikToks to show what happens during dress code violations and how to avoid them. Then, several seniors volunteered to reenact scenarios of the do’s and don'ts of student conduct.  

They demonstrated how to act when confronted by a staff member in the high school, how to act when you forgot the homework, and what to do if you need academic assistance.  

School counselors and Alan Grant, assistant principal for ninth grade, closed out the assembly by reviewing important information about academics such as graduation requirements. They urged students to stay focused on their academics and avoid delaying their graduation. 

Ms. Izzo introducing senior students to crowd
Ana de Leon Paez speaking on stage with classmates next to her
Class president speaking
Ms Izzo speaking at assembly
Ms. Sherlock and colleage speaking at assembly
Dr. Pearce intoruducing two assistand Principals, Mr. Grant and Mr. Perez
Student reenacting scenario
Students acting out a scenario
Student acting in a skit
Guidance counselors speaking on stage.
Mr. Grant speaking to freshman class
Student speaking into mic next to other student and a counselor
Ms. Izzo speaking at assembly




Eric and Britaney

June brings many great things for students — warm weather, summer break, graduation — and for many students, recognition for their accomplishments. Mount Vernon High School has named Eric Lu its valedictorian and Britaney “British” Sinclair as its salutatorian for the Class of 2024. Over the past four years, both students have shown great dedication to their studies and community.  

View their video interviews here!

Students with Judge Fiore

On June 11, 2024, three Career and Technical Education (CTE) entrepreneurship students from Mount Vernon High School – Isiah Flamer, Jahia Huttson, and Deneisha Morris – kicked off a mental health awareness town hall with Congressman Jamaal Bowman at Westchester Community College along with their teacher Ms. Bernadette Romanelli. 

Students smiling for the camera with admin and teachers.

Faculty, staff, medical personnel and families made their way to the community center at Mount Vernon High School with beaming faces as they proudly watched 10 scholars being recognized for their hard work throughout the Career and Technical Education Department EMS program on Friday June 7, 2024. 

Dr. Pearce enjoying Field Day with students.

On Wednesday, June 5, 2024, students buzzed from one end of the field to the next, shooting each other with water guns and partaking in playful competitions for the Annual Field Day held by Mount Vernon High School. The event was an opportunity for the student body to connect with their school community through carnival games and activities, food and music.