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CTE scholars participate in presentations and workshops

CTE scholars participate in presentations and workshops

Mount Vernon High School’s Career and Technical Education Department (CTE) held three career and civic engagement events on Wednesday, March 8, 2023. Nikki Purville, the owner of Beloved Designs in Bronxville, visited to discuss career opportunities and share advice to cosmetology students. Bethel Day Camp held a job fair to promote their summer camp counselor jobs. There was also a civic engagement presentation with two workshops. 

During her visit, Purville provided cosmetology students with inside knowledge of the cosmetology business and gave them tips for running a successful business. She highlighted the benefits and the drawbacks of a career doing hair.  

“This is very important, for anything you want to do whether you want to go into medicine, law, or business, especially in business: you should not go into your work life with the mindset that you are going to work most of your life,” said Purville. “Your job should pay you enough money that you can go home. The goal is not to be working forever. The goal is for your job to sustain your life so you can go home, have fun, and enjoy your family.” 

Scholars told Purville their goals and ambitions, and she gave them advice on how they can achieve them.  

“Listening to the speaker today, I learned that stuff that you plan to do in your life might not always go the way you want it to go, but you should stay dedicated and go for what you want in life,” said Makeda Coleman, 12th grade cosmetology student at MVHS.  

Bethel Day Camp job fair

Bethel Day Camp visited the high school to recruit new counselors for the summer. As a camp counselor, students will supervise children, only working during the summer months. This opportunity gives students a chance to work without worrying about balancing work and school. Students leaving for college also applied so they can save before they go. 

 “This is a good opportunity because it's a local camp that is willing to provide transportation and lunch,” said Jaime Larmon, work-based learning coordinator at MVHS. “It’s giving them the ability to be outside and interact with their peers. It also gives them the experience if they are interested in pursuing childcare or becoming a teacher. They can also build on their resume, because high school students don’t have a variety of jobs that they can put on their resume. In some cases, a child may become attached and the parents may offer them jobs babysitting or help them network for future jobs.” 

The civic engagement presentation consisted of two workshops: Civic Engagement Through Volunteerism and Service presented by Volunteer New York and Civic Engagement Through Advocacy and Voting presented by the Westchester Children’s Association.The presenters informed students about the many ways that they can help their community. 

Scholars were encouraged to volunteer in numerous different ways not only to help people, but also as a way to test different careers. Through volunteering, someone may find something they like to do, and they can even use their volunteering work for their resume.  

Eric and Britaney

June brings many great things for students — warm weather, summer break, graduation — and for many students, recognition for their accomplishments. Mount Vernon High School has named Eric Lu its valedictorian and Britaney “British” Sinclair as its salutatorian for the Class of 2024. Over the past four years, both students have shown great dedication to their studies and community.  

View their video interviews here!

Students with Judge Fiore

On June 11, 2024, three Career and Technical Education (CTE) entrepreneurship students from Mount Vernon High School – Isiah Flamer, Jahia Huttson, and Deneisha Morris – kicked off a mental health awareness town hall with Congressman Jamaal Bowman at Westchester Community College along with their teacher Ms. Bernadette Romanelli. 

Students smiling for the camera with admin and teachers.

Faculty, staff, medical personnel and families made their way to the community center at Mount Vernon High School with beaming faces as they proudly watched 10 scholars being recognized for their hard work throughout the Career and Technical Education Department EMS program on Friday June 7, 2024. 

Dr. Pearce enjoying Field Day with students.

On Wednesday, June 5, 2024, students buzzed from one end of the field to the next, shooting each other with water guns and partaking in playful competitions for the Annual Field Day held by Mount Vernon High School. The event was an opportunity for the student body to connect with their school community through carnival games and activities, food and music.