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Principal's message October 2022

Principal's message October 2022

Message from The Principal: Setting Intentions

At the "NEW" Mount Vernon High School, we are boldly setting intentions to create a school environment where staff and students feel valued, supported and challenged to be their best selves. We are recommitted to building communitycultivating character, and inspiring excellence in every aspect of school life.


We need your support and partnership in achieving these goals. You can help us by staying informed and supporting your child in meeting these expectations.


Building Community: 
Taking cultural
values as leverage to promote collaboration
compassion, and courage. 

TOGETHER, we will rebuild a school community that empowers one another for success.

"How will YOU encourage your child to collaborate, have compassion and be courageous?"

Our UNITY is our STRENGTH and DIVERSITY is our POWER!              


Cultivating Character: 
Behavior traits build character. What we consistently see is what we will be. Our core character traits include being responsiblerespectful, and reflective accountable.

"How will YOU encourage your child to be responsible, respectful, and reflective & accountable?"



Inspiring Excellence: 
When we feel value in who we are
and what we do, we often find
VICTORY and are more willing
to push forward.

Excellence is a habit, so we will
intentionally be excellent by being purposefulpreparedand 

"How will YOU encourage your child to be their best self?"


Key Performance Indicators of School Success

FOCUS: Attendance

School attendance is a powerful predictor of student outcomes. Students who fail to complete their high school education are more likely to live in poverty, suffer poor health and become involved in the criminal justice system. A student who misses 18 days or more of school is considered chronically absent.


September Attendance Rates:

Grade 9: 74%

Grade 10: 78%

Grade 11: 80%

Grade 12: 83%


***The monthly goal is to INCREASE the attendance rate to at least 90% on all grade levels.


Here is how you can help:


Morning wake-up routine

Set up a system to support your child(ren) to wake up at a time that will allow them ample time to arrive at school by 7:45 am.


*Class begins: 7:50 am


  • If your child arrives with only 10 minutes or less remaining in the period, they will be held in a holding area until the next period.



  • Should you need any assistance, please let us know.



Encourage your child to attend all classes on-time

  • Being present in the building does NOT account for being present in the classroom.
  • Students who cut class present a safety issue.



Speak LIFE into your child


EVERYDAY, remind your child(ren) that they ARE descendants of greatness and they have a personal responsibility to WALK IN that greatness:


  • Be purposeful, prepared, and persistent
  • Be responsible, respectful, reflective & accountable
  • Be collaborative, compassionate, and courageous



We stand in solidarity to support each of our students in becoming their best selves.

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