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MVHS Mission & Vision

VisionOur vision is to inspire students to be inquisitive, knowledge seeking, compassionate and principled. We will empower students to become self-driven agents of change in local and global communities.

CreedI am a MVHS Knight. I am inquisitive, knowledge-seeking, compassionate and principled. I am a self-driven agent of change. I am limitless!

MissionOur mission is to produce a balanced citizenry by increasing the knowledge, skills and opportunities across the Mount Vernon High School community.

We will use a holistic approach, offering stimulating programs and supporting community engagement. Mount Vernon High School students will:

• Demonstrate open-mindedness and critical thinking.
• Communicate effectively.
• Understand themselves, their heritage and their place in history and the world.
• Articulate the importance of self-awareness, creativity and reflection.
• Appreciate others and act responsibly in a global society.
• Exude ethical values towards people and education.
• Exemplify the skills necessary for successful transition to post-secondary pursuits.

Mount Vernon High School is committed to providing educational opportunities and programs to all peoples without prejudice.

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