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Visual/Digital Arts


GRAPHIC ARTS (MVHS)                             
1 Credit
This course offers a hands-on learning experience. Course content includes: black and white, color, and digital photography; desktop publishing methods; word processing software applications; digital copy methods; and offset printing techniques.     Students will take the Precision Exams Introduction to Graphic Arts Exam for certification.  

PRINT PRODUCTION (MVHS)                                  
1 Credit 
Students learn graphic communication skills and the background knowledge needed in graphic production, desktop publishing, and image production. Class is held in a fully operating printshop, allowing students to gain hands-on experience as well as conceptual knowledge.

COMPUTER ANIMATION 1(MVHS)                      
0.5 Credit 
This course is designed to teach students the basics of animation. Students will learn how to plot, script, storyboard, present, and create animations using the principles of animation and basic techniques including staging, timing, mechanics, and kinetics. The format of classroom instruction will be lecture, demonstration, individual/team-based projects, presentations, and hands-on classroom work. Students will take the Precision Exams 3D Animation Exam for certification. 

Prerequisite: Career and Financial Management


Jason Pritchett
Visual/Digital Arts Teacher
(914) 665-2465