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Culinary Arts


CULINARY ARTS 1 (MVHS)                                          
1 Credit
Culinary Arts 1 is an introductory course for students planning to pursue a career in culinary arts. It provides detailed information on the training requirements, responsibilities, and duties of various foodservice jobs. The skills and attitudes needed for successful employment in the foodservice industry will be taught. Coursework includes food and nutrition core curriculum. Students will take the ServSafe Food Handlers Exam for certification. 

CULINARY ARTS 2 (MVHS)                                        
2 Credits
In this course, students will be taught theories and practices in dining room and kitchen techniques. Students will develop foodservice skills through both on-the-job and class laboratory experiences. These activities will be engaging and will increase student marketability in the workplace. Students will take the Pro Start Level 1 Exam for certification. 

Prerequisite: Culinary Arts 1

CULINARY ARTS 3 (MVHS)                                         
2 Credits
In this course, students will be taught skills needed to excel in a career in the culinary professions, including pastry/baking techniques, food preparation, restaurant management, and food and kitchen safety. Students will learn classical culinary techniques and restaurant management essentials through lecture, hands-on experiences, and project-based learning. Students will take the Pro Start Level 2 Exam for certification.

Prerequisite: Culinary Arts 2

Certifications offered
ServSafe Food Handler

Articulation Agreements
SUNY Alfred
Monroe College
Westchester Community College


Samantha Cohen
Culinary Arts Teacher