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COSMETOLOGY 1 (MVHS)                                       
1.5 Credits
This course is the first year of a three-year sequence and includes basic skills in the following areas: shampooing; hair rinses; scalp and hair treatments; wiggery; haircutting; hair analysis; hairstyling; preparation and physical procedures in permanent waving; facials; makeup and skin care; depilatories; temporary hair straightening and curling; manicuring; pedicuring; artificial nail attachment; leadership; first aid; safety; sanitation; and sterilization. Students are required to purchase and wear a white uniform and white shoes. Due to the 1,000-hour State requirement for the sequence, students must have a good attendance record in this class.

Prerequisite: Career and Financial Management

COSMETOLOGY 2 (MVHS)                                        
2 Credits
This double period course continues preparation for the trade. Creative hairstyling, advanced hair coloring (tipping, frosting, etc.), permanent waving, hair straightening, cutting, styling, advanced haircutting with a razor and scissors, nail repairs, and preparation for the practical and written exam for the New York State Cosmetology license are included. To qualify for the New York State exam, students must complete 1,000 classroom hours during the sequence. Students are required to purchase and wear a uniform jacket. Completion of State mandated requirements and successful completion of the New York State Practical and Written Cosmetology licensing exam will result in students receiving their New York State Cosmetology license.  

Prerequisite: Cosmetology 1

COSMETOLOGY 3 (MVHS)                                      
2 Credits
This double period course completes the New York State licensing requirements for the 1,000 hours of instruction needed to sit for the Cosmetology license exam. Students will receive extensive instruction and supervision in the practical skills needed to successfully pass the hands-on segment of the exam. Students will take the New York State Cosmetology licensure exam for certification.  

Prerequisite: Cosmetology 2

Contact Info

Agnes Taylor
Cosmetology Teacher