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Business, Entrepreneurship, Career and Financial Management


ACCOUNTING (MVHS)                                                                          
1 Credit
Accounting is a one-unit course designed to develop competence in the application of accounting theory. Students will process transactions through the entire accounting cycle in a service and merchandising business. They will also be introduced to automated accounting and be required to use a computer to process accounts receivable, payroll, and transactions specific to service business. This course is only offered at MVHS and is for students in the eleventh and twelfth grades.

0.5 Credit
Students will learn to plan and prepare their career journey via self-assessment, career exploration, development of job search skills, and implementation of an effective job search campaign. Students will organize a real job search campaign in their training area. Students will be required to submit a portfolio that includes a resume, a cover letter, an application form, a list of interview questions and answers, and a follow-up letter. Career exploration will include a written report and an oral presentation of the career of their choice. Students will take the Precision Exams 21st Century Success Skills Exam for certification.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP (MVHS)                                 
1 Credit 
This course is designed to provide students with a basic foundation in the starting and managing of a small business. Content includes selected entrepreneurial skills as well as those necessary to the management, merchandising, and marketing functions inherent in the operations of a small business. Students successfully completing the course will be able to apply concepts needed to start a small business, enter employment immediately after high school, or begin post-secondary study. 

0.5 Credit
Students will be introduced to the components of Microsoft Office Suite: word processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation applications. They learn how the applications work together to share data to generate different documents. Students work towards proficiency in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.  Students will take the TestOut Microsoft Office Exam for certification. 


Bernadette Romanelli
Business, Entrepreneurship, Career and Financial Management Teacher

Wendy Todoric
Business, Entrepreneurship, Career and Financial Management Teacher