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BARBERING 1 (MVHS)                                                                           
1 Credit
The goal of the course is to train students in theory and practical experiences, which will prepare them for entry level employment opportunities. The course is geared towards developing good work habits and attitudes with respect to safety and sanitation and business ethics. Self-reliance and a willingness to help others look their best are central to this course.

BARBERING 2 (MVHS)                                                                      
1 Credit
This course is a continuation of theory and practical application training as designated by New York State laws. Course topics include: sanitary practices; haircutting; barber science; shaving; shampooing; applications of toners and creams; chemical texture services; haircoloring; cleaning; coloring and styling hair pieces; and barbershop management.

Prerequisite: Barbering 1

BARBERING 3 (MVHS)                                                                     
1 Credit
Barbering 3 will continue to build on students’ barbering skills from Barbering 1 and Barbering 2. Students will work to build knowledge and skills, which will prepare them for their New York State licensing exam and industry employment. Topics include face shaving and massages, the business of barbering, and barbershop management. Various hands-on activities, textbook-based work, lectures, and group discussions will reinforce student learning. Students will take the New York State Barbering licensure exam for certification.

Prerequisite: Barbering 2

Certifications offered
Barbicide / Contagious Disease Cert.
NYS Barbering Apprentice license


Ricardo Boreland
Barbering Teacher