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Automotive Technology


AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY 1 (MVHS)                                          
1 Credit 
Automotive Technology 1 (Service Repair Specialist) is an introductory course in automotive occupations. Students will be introduced to the skills of the mechanic through exposure to the following systems: brakes, exhaust, steering, and suspension. Students will learn engine parts and the proper use and care of tools.

AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY 2 (MVHS)                                        
1.5 Credits 
Automotive Technology 2 is a double period class in Automotive Technology (Under-hood Specialist). Students will receive concentrated instruction in complete engine rebuilding. They will learn to use microcomputers and torque wrenches. Students will also be exposed to fuel injection, starting, charging, electronic ignition, and powertrain systems.

Prerequisite: Automotive Technology 1

AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY 3 (MVHS)                                   
1.5 Credits 
Automotive Technology 3 (Undercar Specialist) is a double period advanced course in current internal combustion engines. Theory, problem solving, and repair of auto engines as well as electrical and fuel systems will be taught. Students will take the ASE/Mechanical and Light Repair (MLR) Technician Exam for certification.

Prerequisite: Automotive Technology 2


Michael Malocsay
Automotive Technology Teacher
(914) 665-5258

James Vetere
Automotive Technology Teacher